Missive back to the better colony 01

The fastest way to de-glamourize a city is to live in it. UK is a little WTF sometimes. Won’t lie, the Motherland is pretty cool. There are lots of pretty buildings everywhere and loads of cool places to see. But living here you soon realize why Canada decided to politely GTFO.

The bureaucracy is not the greatest. Anything you need to do to make sure you can stay in this country can only be done during work hours. While you’re at work. So I hope you’re financially secure enough that you can take a few days off work or spare your weekends to do paperwork errands. I don’t know about you, but I am most definitely a Rich New Grad that Hates Having Fun on the Weekends.

For a country that’s supposedly the epitome of civilized they can’t figure out which side of the street to walk on. The right? The left? There’s no coordinated stream moving one way or the other. I also think salt killed a beloved monarch or something in the past because the Brits really hate that stuff. NOTHING IS SALTED. THEY SELL LOW-SODIUM SALT. What in the ever-loving fuck is low-sodium salt? Please, I’m begging you, just add slightly more salt to your food!

The bureaucracy, newness, adjustment to a full-time job, and moving my life overseas got a little overwhelming at certain points. I shed more than a couple of tears but felt better about it afterwards.

I promised myself that I won’t become a bitter person that just complains, so I’m going to write about the great things I’m experiencing as well. They are far more numerous than the less-than-stellar low-salt paperwork shite.

I am really fortunate that I have a great group of people around me who are all supportive and just high quality human beings. They are 1080p to the average 400p. The Nutella to the off-brand hazelnut spread. Just, so beautiful, so kind, so 1080p Nutella. The people I work are are A++. I maintain contact with my Canadian friends. Lights of my life, suns of my moon. What great fortune.

London is beautiful. Lots of beautiful historic buildings and a load of history. I’ve seen a bunch of tourist places and will start just randomly walking down side streets soon. I have met lovely people as well. Granted, some of them could have been biased because I was purchasing quite a lot of stuff from their store but I choose to believe that People Are Inherently Good.

I’m learning a lot from my work. 0–100 real freaking fast, no time wasted and just learn learn learn. It’s a hard pace to keep up with but I feel optimistic and able. There’s a lot of joy in my work and hey, it all balances out in the end so I’m happy. Meeting new people and experiencing a different culture is amazing. I feel like I’m becoming a better person for it. I tell myself I shouldn’t ask for things to be easier, I should just get better, and I’m going to do my best to set that as my standard.

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