Real talk: moving to London

Something something new beginnings.

On my flight:

  • Who decided mixed bean salad was a good meal idea for a large group of people enclosed in a metal tube with each other? Aside, the airplane food was actually pretty good. It certainly beats the Bread Sandwich(TM) I made myself a few days ago.
  • Crying baby on an 8 hour flight. But thanks to higher education, I had the skill of sleeping anywhere, anytime, under less than favourable conditions. X-men, get on my level.
  • Don’t know what’s the big deal about leg space on planes. I, at a towering 5'3" (160cm), had plenty of room to stretch out. Who’s laughing now, people-that-never-have-to-hem-pants?

On living with relatives:

  • I did not know these relatives existed until 2 weeks before I came here. They are pure cinnamon rolls.
  • Doing my damnest to become a plant so I don’t pollute their house with my bodily functions.
I brought some chocolates for them and in return I got lobster for dinner. These people have no chill.

On fun differences

  • After struggling to figure out why there were so many settings (and such odd ones too) on their dish washer, I realized it’s a clothes washer. In the kitchen. I’ve learned it is a very common thing due to lack of space. Here I thought the glass window on the front was because Brits liked to watch their dishes being washed.
“Permanent Press” is not a type of dishes.
  • Roundabouts everywhere. I like them, don’t think I’ve ever spent less time waiting at stop lights.
  • Driving on the right side of the road. Don’t do it, kids.

Misc musings

  • Coffee still tastes like Satan’s spit but is proof that God loves us. My circadian rhythm will bend to my will one way or another.
  • The house I got does not have kitchenware included. Do you know how many items it takes to fully stock a kitchen? (??, ??!!!, ****!!!) Is this another one of the secrets that adults don’t tell you so you’re tricked into thinking independence is fun?
  • The palm rest of my laptop started feeling staticky when I rubbed my hands against it. Employing my scientific mind (read: by accident) I figured out it only happens when it’s plugged in. Is it caused by a different voltage from electricity outlets? Is it bad for my laptop? I’m more curious than afraid, and would love some answers.
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