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A few days ago, I was totally stuck and looking for all kinds of excuses to prevent myself from embracing the uncertainty that comes with being a creative. Frustrated, I decided to write a post about my fears and feelings as A Stuck Creative. I posted it on here on Medium and didn’t dare to look back–it was a scary post for me because I knew I would be publicly confronting inner demons.

Much to my surprise, I discovered that I wasn’t the only creative experiencing this. In fact, I received quite a few “recommends” on the post, and many tweets from people saying how much the post resonated with them. I began to wonder: “If I’m not the only creative struggling with this, why aren’t more of us talking about it? Why aren’t we creating a network of support to call us out on our bullshit excuses?”

Well, it’s easy to wonder, but wonder doesn’t bring about change–action does.

So I’m conducting a small experiment: I’ve created a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for The Bold Creative–an inspiring salon for stuck creatives. I’d love for this to grow into a monthly event where creatives can learn from the trials and struggles of fellow stuck creatives, while building a network of support to pull themselves out of a creative rut.

The structure of the salon

There’d be 3 guests, who’d each talk for 8 minutes about a recent or past creative struggle, and how they overcame it. At the end of each talk, there’d be a small Q&A session. And near the end of the event, you’ll be able to mingle with other creatives, as well as talk about about what you’re current creative block is, and how you’d like help overcoming it. Oh, and you’d most certainly be fed with delicious food, drink, and goodies.

Is this ambitious? Perhaps.

In fact, this may not work. But I won’t know if it’ll work if I don’t try. To not do this would be to give into my resistance, which is exactly what I’m trying to confront with these workshops.

I refuse to let my fears stop me from putting my work out into the world, and I hope you’ll take the same stand for yourself.

So many creatives believe they have to operate in a silo, but you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, creativity is strongest and resistance is weakest, when you have a system of support to push you to do the work, **especially when you don’t feel like it.**

If this is something that resonates with you, please help support the Kickstarter campaign here. Looking forward to seeing you at the very first The Bold Creative salon!

First posted on my personal blog here: The Bold Creative: A Kickstarter

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