UX/UI Design: Understanding the field

Amelie Nicklas
Oct 4 · 2 min read

Within the mandatory pre-work for the UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Ironhack Berlin, I had to solve a problem for an artificial client — “Urban Go”.

Short Info: “Urban Go” offers information on public transportation routes in Silicon Valley. So far people had to queue in front of vending machines in order to get their tickets. Also, the bus/train etc. companies did not cooperate All of this led to really annoyed customers. So, what could be a possible solution for “Urban Go”?

First of all, “Urban Go” needs an app, through which people can buy their tickets on the go. Quick and easy. To identify the pain points of the customers better, I conducted short interviews with some friends. This is what they are most worrying about when purchasing train tickets online:

  1. What is the price of a single journey, so I can identify and avoid the most expensive part of the way?
  2. What are the options of payment besides debit and credit card? Is there a chance to not save bank information on the app?
  3. What do I do if the payment doesn’t work?

Taking these points into consideration, I sketched wireframes of a search and payment-procedure within an app:

More details on the user flow: : Once the journey is chosen, a window will open with even more details on the journey and the price of a journey fragment. As payments, I expanded the “normal” methods of Credit and Debit card with Bitcoin and Voucher. Therewith I try to answer the gap between people being skeptic to online payments (Voucher) and those, that use online payments only (Bitcoin). Finally, the penultimate “screen” offers three different ways to use the ticket: E-Mail, include to Wallet (in case of an IOS system) or Download the ticket. The last version is included for people, who like to have a paper-proof of their ticket, so they can print it out before the journey.

One issue remains unsolved: Would the various transportation companies cooperate to create such an app?

My résumé: Even though the sketched wireframes look pretty basic, this challenge helped me to understand better that it takes time, feedback and revision until a product can be it’s final version.

Amelie Nicklas

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Newbie to UX/UI Design, studying @Ironhack. Thoughts surrounding lifestyle, food and culture. Currently exploring #holisticnutrition and #TCM.

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