Career Change- let’s go!

Amelie Nicklas
Oct 3 · 1 min read

Next step: UX/UI Design Bootcamp. Full-time. Intensive. 9-weeks.
A completely new field for me — beforehand I researched international relations within and beyond East Asia. To get the right mindset, Ironhack Berlin sent us an online course to be completed before the bootcamp starts.

First things first: get to know your tools. I got introduced to programs like Sketch, InVision and Marvel. As a first exercise I sketched “sign up” screens and made an interactive prototype out of it (making screens swipe by clicking on a button) and I can literally feel the new connection of synapses inside my brain. YEAH! Let’s do this!

a blue hexagon with white text. Text says IRON HACK.
a blue hexagon with white text. Text says IRON HACK.

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