Good Design

Amelie Nicklas
Oct 8 · 1 min read

For me, good design…

  1. …is aesthetic
  2. …is adaptive
  3. …is independent
  4. …is easy to understand
  5. …is thoughtful
  6. …is convincing
  7. …is outstanding in detail
  8. …feels natural
  9. …makes sense
  10. …is international

Objects, that I’d include into the category of having a good design is the packaging of a new iPhone: you just have to zip one piece to unpack the phone. Also, I love the packages of Onigiris (tasty little rice triangles that are covered in nori), where you have an exact instruction to rip apart the packaging in three steps in order to enjoy it (see the little numbers in the picture).

On the other side, there is stuff that I consider rather designed badly. The first thing that comes to my mind is the Kindle (ebook) design, more specifically the way to go back to a specific page. I downloaded a travel guide once, and it drove me crazy, that I could not find specific chapters but had to scroll through MANY pages. Maybe a newer version solved the problem? However, updating the software didn’t :(

    Amelie Nicklas

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