UI exercise with Sketch

Amelie Nicklas
Oct 5 · 2 min read

For the second exercise we had to copy one of our favorite apps through the application “Sketch”. Actually it was way harder than I expected. Even the saving process made me struggle, that’s why you can’t see my third screen that shows the colour palette of the text and the background and why they are not at the same height. Well, Ironhack Tutors: I uploaded the complete file to the Dropbox folder :) Guess I’ll note this day as a “failed” day, and hope things are working better for me tomorrow again. Will continue copying screenshots everyday, feel like that’s a better exercise for me rather than doing it all on one day!

Learning from my mistakes, trying again tomorrow ! :)

Update from the same day, evening time. Found some new inspiration to try the challenge again and I managed even to save all three screens. This time it is booking.com that I copied (!) Left: Original. Middle: Copy. Right: Color palette.

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