UX Case Study: Local E-Commerce

Amelie Nicklas
Oct 26 · 3 min read

Concept stores are eye catchers for many pedestrians on their stroll around the city. They love to hang around there, enjoy a coffee and feel inspired by the products displayed. For this week’s project, my group aimed to go beyond the on-site shop and create an additional e-commerce website. This became especially challenging, after we found out that our targeted shop closed some months ago.

Problem Definition
When the shop was still on-site, the business was about selling dried flowers, poetry, vintage clothes and coffee. After closing it, the owner expanded her “products” by aroma therapy, workshops, so-called “flower talks” and a podcast. To build up an e-commerce, we needed to narrow down the focus of the products.

Market Research and Persona
After a competitors analysis, we narrowed our focus to an e-commerce based on dried flower arrangements and created an online survey. These are the results:

  1. Our target group is mainly female, with an age range from 30–50 y/o
  2. Dried flowers mainly get purchased for special occasions
  3. The majority of participants is willing to spend more money on a special bouquet that is unique

This is the persona we defined as a result:

Natalie dislikes the quick wilting of fresh flowers, however she finds it hard to find dried flowers around. For an upcoming birthday, she would really like to surprise her friend with one of those special bouquets she saw at a recent wedding.

Our Solution & the User Flow of the “Happy Path”
Our newly designed e-commerce website offers dried flowers bouquets for special occasions and therefore answers Natalies demands. Ideally, Natalie would follow this path:

  1. Natalie inserts “dried flower shop” into an online search engine
  2. She directly lands on the “Shop” section of the website, where she can decides to browse the category “Birthday”
  3. She sees the products and falls in love with the “Romantic Summer” bouquet right away
  4. She puts the bouquet in her shopping basket
  5. … chooses her preferred payment
  6. and finishes her order

Low-Fi Wireframes

We created low-fi wireframes, which we later turned into an interactive prototype with descriptions of the bouquets, payment options, and a high-fi homepage.

I believe this website with an included e-commerce section would be a great place to start digitalizing the concept of the shop. Also, it would be a chance to bring back to life the spirit that people loved about the shop. Selling dried flowers online is still such a great market opportunity ! What would be a future challenge is to find channels through which the other products as workshops, podcast etc. could be offered to the customer without overloading the website. Flowers and their beauty should always stay the focus here!

Amelie Nicklas

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Newbie to UX/UI Design, studying @Ironhack. Thoughts surrounding lifestyle, food and culture. Currently exploring #holisticnutrition and #TCM.

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