How to fold the Art and Business?

Hello, my Dear Reader! I will say at once — my English is not very good. I want here to talk about one idea that does not give me rest. I suspect you have already guessed what I mean? I do not think.

Have you ever thought why some ideas (sometimes crazy) fired, while others do not? Why fight for one gallery artists, and other artists and free do not need anyone? Yes, the analogy can be continued. But it seems to me, between absolutely any area of a connection of this syndrome.

Now to the heart of the problem. My name is Aram Melkonian, I’m 22 years old and for many years, trying to figure out what I’m doing. Nevertheless, I have always deliberately avoided, what I like, thinking that it is impossible to make a living.

Today I’m trying to create an online store of Custom Shoes and T-shirts, as well as to establish its own production (I think in January). And I think all the modern tools aimed at marketing, help me create a brand. And I will try to explain as to turn art into art.