Moving Without a Removals Company In London: 3 False Arguments

“Should I hire a removals company or do everything on my own?”

This is a question that may occur in your mind, when the time for moving across London comes. We have seen many people, trying to figure out which is the better (and more affordable) option. So let’s look at most arguments when it comes to making this decision and check whether they are true or false:

  1. “Moving on my own will save me money”

False. Doing the whole removals process on your own or with friends may seem like you will save a good amount of money, but this is actually not true. When organising everything on your own, you will put time and effort into the process, that can be saved when booking professionals. You will possibly have to take days off of work for all the steps, including: packing, moving everything in your vehicle, making at least one trip to your new place, waiting in traffic, unloading and moving into the building, arranging and unpacking every box. Taking also into consideration all the possible damages, like scratches on your flat screen TV or furniture, and you are already hundreds of pounds away from “affordable”. Depending of the distance between the two addresses, the traffic and the amount of belongings you need to move, it can take you more than one day to finish all the tasks. Using a small personal car will not be helpful, too. 
By booking a professional London removals company, you will be able to save yourself a lot of this hassle. Many of them also offer insurance, so you will not have to worry about possible damages. All you will have to do is organise the process and all the rest will be done by the movers. Simple, easy and fast.

2. “ If I pack everything on my own, I will be sure everything is packed well.”


False. This is another popular opinion. Packing everything on your own is a great choice, if you know how to do it properly. You need to stock yourself on packing supplies and use good techniques in order to secure everything. The good thing here is that you will save some money from paying the company for packing and materials. However, most of the removal companies in London do not offer insurance for self-packed boxes and items. Which means, if one of your boxes breaks or leaks, the damage of your belongings will not be covered by the overall insurance. A good decision here is to pack most of your belongings on your own (such as garments or cheap cutlery) and let the packers take care of your expensive items (maybe you own a painting or a fragile chandelier). This way you can be sure your valuables will have full insurance.

3. “It is completely safe to move on your own.”


False. Moving on your own is not safe at all. If you get distracted just for a moment, you can seriously injure yourself. Pulling muscles, tripping over something or scratching yourself are some of the lighter traumas you can get. Making a trip to the hospital in the middle of the removals day is definitely something you need to avoid. If you are lifting heavy items or you are not an your youngest years, it will be best to reach for your phone and call a professional.

These are some of the most common arguments we have encounter through the years. If you decide to move on your own, make sure you have everything under control and take time with your removals process. Or book yourself a man with a van, so you can do only one trip between locations.