“You hurt me,

But it’s different this time.

I’m not yelling at you or asking who she is or drinking myself unconscious.

I’m just laying in bed thinking about the way you used to look at me, when I thought it was just you and me.

My dreams have become nothing but nightmares, and you’re the starring role.

I might wake up every night shaking but at least I still get to see you.

Even when I’m awake I keep seeing you kiss her,

And I can’t turn away when it’s stuck in my own head.

It stings more and more each time.

It’s a quiet kind of hurting, a lonely kind of hurting, a God-I-knew-this-would-happen kind of hurting,

But the pain isn’t the worst part.

The worst part is that I’m stuck in this cycle of hating you and then pretending that I don’t care about you and then wishing that I’d never met you,

But I always come back to missing you.”

You really fucked me up. (via realfool)

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