Your Rap Beats Guide for 2017

Intel about rap beats, rhymes and stylez for MC’s, rappers, poets, lyricists and all who interested! Will be frequently updated. Here we go!

Free or Paid?

You probably wondered: — “If there are free beats available, why should I ever pay for such product?”. Well, free options is always good, especially for folks who low on budget. But if you can buy your own rap instrumental — don’t hesitate to do so, and here is why: Statistics say that there is 1 paid download against 30 free downloads. What that mean is: free beats create more competition for you. While only 1 person will be rocking unique beat — 30 others will try to step up in the game with overused free beat. Imagine a label guy who is browsing through same demos everyday and stumble upon something unique. Of course you can have your own style of rhyming which could skyrocket you to the top, but why risk it with free beats?

Another example when free beats could be harmful for your craft: Not Cleared Samples. Usually when I make rap beats — I use samples. If I did not cleared the sample — I release it as free because of copyright issues it could bring. Thats why theres non-profit notification on my free beats page. Never use free beats in commercial projects.

Lease | Exclusive

If you even once searched for paid rap instrumental — you probably noticed that there are options available before purchase. Usually Lease and Exclusive to chose from. Quick pros and cons of both:


  • + Very affordable
  • + Fast delivery
  • - Limited use
  • - Average quality


  • + Best quality
  • + Unlimited use
  • - Expensive
  • - Delivery time

Also various “lease plus” options could be available which is good because you have more choice. But it’s all based on two Lease and Exclusive. Don’t rush buying exclusive if you are not sure if it will go smoothly with your rhyming. But don’t hesitate do buy it right after the moment you know you can make a hit to it.

Hot Beats

Another fact I’d like to cover is about popular rap beats, catching my clue? Talking about “trap” production here. As I write this article — market is overloaded with this type of stuff. The official reasons of such overloading remain unknown. Thoughts on subject:

  1. Music production gear is so available right now, you can install software on your computer and start experimenting with music in no time. While you read this article there are about 3 new “producers” poppin’ their accounts on social networks!
  2. Instead of actually experimenting and inventing something new and unique — folks competing in creating trap tunes. But why? — Green. Thing started as hardcore but turned into something like pop. Shit was marketed so damn well — folks started believing it’s some kind of industry standard. It’s not.

Before falling under influence of “hot beats” ask yourself one question: — If there are 100 people in room but only 1 with unusual look. Which one you’ll remember? Now imagine your EP or album being dropped to stores and it filled with type of production which is overused… I guess it will just sit there without any attention.

Don’t be fooled by media who suggest you to stick to “popular” style. Don’t be fooled by image. All that luxury lifestyle, cars, cash, clubs. It’s only image, created to get you on hook. Know that.

Advice section

Don’t think that beat is all that matters. It’s not.

If you want to have fun: grab mic, record some bars on classic beat, give strong shoutouts to your homies and you are good! But if you seek commercial success — don’t think that it will be easy. If you are independent artist — reaching audience will take a lot of time and money. You’ll have to do marketing and self promotion. Sign to label and they’ll do it for you but also squeeze all juice from you as well.

In conclusion, consider checking these tips:

No Rush

If you are new artist — don’t start your career from recording whole album. Start with one song and try to get maximum exposure for it. Build audience. Once people listen to your song — you’ll get your first feedback. Then do another song. Then EP. After you’ll get exposure out there — start planning album release.

Go unique

Use uncommon or mixed type of production in your releases. This will increase attractiveness and potential feedback in form of purchases of your music. By uncommon I also mean rap beats presented on


Try different styles of rhyming and don’t fear going non-mainstream way. Most successful rappers once started as hardcore or with original style and they stick to it nowadays cause listeners got hooked and considered such experiments dope. You create history when going own way. Just don’t go pop once you chose hardcore.

Go Raw

If you lack funds for professional high quality studio recording — don’t worry. Old school rappers started their craft in basement and albums they did were made platinum. Hip hop is not about high quality recordings. It can be raw and it should be like that and it seems like in 2017 most rappers forgot about it, so you can profit from it. Your rhymes matter! If you grabbed solid and unique rap beats and dropped sick rhymes on ’em, even if it was made in cellar — you will succeed!


Don’t think that uploading your album to soundcloud or sites like that will provide huge exposure for your music. Without good promotion you wont get noticed by potential listeners! Make sure that majority of your facebook friends shared your recently posted music. Write to various groups across social networks who represent your genre, make them post your album so you get more exposure. Remember that the more effort you put in exposing your music — more feedback you will get. Also good thing will be — send your demo to labels based on your genre, they could be interested in promoting your craft but pay attention since they will take a percentage from sales for such services.

Go Big

Ever heard about big sites such as spotify, itunes, google play etc. they provide huge possibilities for exposing your music. But how to got your music there? — Here is a little secret info:

Not only labels can upload music to this giants. You can be 100% independent and still get your music on these and lots of similar websites. To do so you should use aggregator site. One I can recommend is CDBABY. The thing about it is for small fee they will provide you with interface which will allow you to upload your whole album or single to biggest music stores to be available for purchase by millions of listeners. But main thing is you still need to work hard to provide lots of exposure for listeners so they can check your music and like it and pay for it!



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