It’s unbelievable how time flies, it has already been two months since I began studying English at Uni. To tell the truth, I didn’t expect to achieve so much in this amount of time. First of all, I feel like I started speaking English more freely, it’s much easier now to choose right words, because we have a lot of practice here (during the lessons we have to talk very much, you know). Also I wanted to say that I learnt a lot of new vocabulary, although the level of English here is more complicated than in school, it is simpler to memorize unknown words because of the way in which our classes are held: how I have already mentioned, we talk to each other much, play various games like ‘crocodile’ or ‘taboo’, watch films in the original versions, read breathtaking literature, make presentations, discuss different topics and do all to improve our English and have fun! I do like this way of studying and I hope in the future I will not lose this interest and it won’t become routine for me😉