Before your coffee gets cold…

“One Cappuccino with a slice of dark chocolate cake”, I ordered the usual. The aroma of coffee always calms my senses after a long day at work and dark chocolate - just the way life is - bitter and sweet, both at the same time. I am trying to write something after a long time. Two days, some muddled thoughts and scattered words - that’s all I have for now. “There you go, Ma’am.” I took my order and walked towards the empty table in the corner. Some peace at last! So where was I? Yeah, my thoughts, words and their incoherence. It gets difficult for me to put together something in a few words when there is so much inside that I can pour on paper. “Oh God, I seriously need to stop gorging on food. I am getting married in a few weeks”, I heard a girl complaining to her friend as she took a bite of the blueberry cheese cake. She is not fat but she isn’t a Victoria Secrets’ model either but then again does she really need to be one in order to get married? “But how do I tell her? I might lose our friendship”, a guy talking to his friend catches my attention. “Dude, how else can you find out? You have to tell her.” “But I am scared. May be we are just not meant to be. May be I will always be a friend.” And there goes a story that could have been right out of the window. That’s the dilemma for most of us. Our lives revolve around “could have”, “should have” and “would have”. Our senses have been numbed by the social pressures. You want to lose weight? By all means do so but for the right reasons, not because that popular girl in your class is skinny and not because the guy you like thinks you need to fit in a specific frame to be worthy of him. You and only you are the master of your body. You decide what you want to do with it. You love someone? Tell them. Don’t wait for someone else to say it before you do. Don’t think about the what if’s. Just take that plunge. Life is short, live it before your coffee gets cold.

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