Doctella was founded to empower patients and providers with tools that help improve healthcare outcomes, increase safety and satisfaction and reduce costs. Masimo’s (NASDAQ: MASI) acquisition of Doctella is the next big milestone in our journey. At Masimo the team will continue to develop and launch innovative and disruptive cloud-based solutions for the home-based remote patient monitoring market using patient-owned devices. Just within the first couple weeks at Masimo we can feel the energy and excitement building in our customer base. We couldn’t be in a better place to continue the mission!

Doctella could not have reached this milestone without the brilliance and passion of our exceptional team. As co-founder, I was privileged to learn and work with a team of scientists, doctors, developers and business people. Together, we helped empower thousands of patients and will help millions more in the days to come. I offer my gratitude and sincere appreciation to everyone on our team, for sharing this journey and setting the stage for our next exciting chapter at Masimo. …

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