Doctella — The Mission Continues After Acquisition

Amer Haider
Oct 16, 2018 · 2 min read

Doctella was founded to empower patients and providers with tools that help improve healthcare outcomes, increase safety and satisfaction and reduce costs. Masimo’s (NASDAQ: MASI) acquisition of Doctella is the next big milestone in our journey. At Masimo the team will continue to develop and launch innovative and disruptive cloud-based solutions for the home-based remote patient monitoring market using patient-owned devices. Just within the first couple weeks at Masimo we can feel the energy and excitement building in our customer base. We couldn’t be in a better place to continue the mission!

Doctella could not have reached this milestone without the brilliance and passion of our exceptional team. As co-founder, I was privileged to learn and work with a team of scientists, doctors, developers and business people. Together, we helped empower thousands of patients and will help millions more in the days to come. I offer my gratitude and sincere appreciation to everyone on our team, for sharing this journey and setting the stage for our next exciting chapter at Masimo.

Special thanks goes to the following: Ali Ahmed for leading our engineering and product team; Chris Paine for leading our clinical implementation and product management; Dr. Gary Grossfeld for leading our clinical content and pioneer team; Asif Ahmed for leading our EHR and system integration; and, Hai Hong for leading our Vietnam team. I must also acknowledge here Dr. Ayesha Khalid, Dr. Ahad Yousuf, Lubna Refai, Dr. Zain Hashmi, Sarah Mahmood, Robin Farmanfarmaian, Praveen Shah, Vikas Khajanchi, Alex Schupper, Dr. Meguid, Dr. DiMarco, Dr. Pawlik, Dr. Paul, Dr. Abele, Dr. Glat, Dr. Kadlec, Jim Diegel, Johns Hopkins Medicine, our supportive and amazing investors Staywell, private angels in silicon valley and many others who contributed their time and passion into creating and deploying Doctella. To my co-founders, Dr. Peter Pronovost, Dr. Adil Haider and Dr. Asad Latif: thank you for your contagious passion and for guiding me into the healthcare market.

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