The $205 million industry that helped murder ‪Srinivas Kuchibhotla
Anirvan Chatterjee

For those of you who think Srinivas was killed because they thought he was Muslim or Arab, you are pathetic. You need to feel sorry for a poor soul who died in a hate crime. Plus, the killer never yelled anti-Muslim or anti-Arab sentiment. He yelled “Get out of my country”. Also, I am Indian myself so dont tell me BS that I dont get Indians. Unfortunately, I know of a lot of Indians (non-Muslims) target of hate crime because they thought everybody loves them. NO !!! Some people on H1 came from India from my previous company and they went out to a night club and some got beaten up by White bullies cuz they tried to dance with a white woman. A lot of people dont like Indians because they feel they are taking over American Jobs, becoming CEO’s of US companies, threat to US Economy. A Racist has hate in his heart. Maybe a lot more for a certain race/religion other than his and a little less for another.

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