Jeff Graham, Executive Director, Georgia Equality

Georgia Equality is a partner of Georgia Engaged, the state’s America Votes affiliate.

While various LGBTQ communities in the United States and around the globe celebrate with Pride celebrations throughout the year, June holds a special place in LGBTQ history because of an important milestone: The Stonewall Riots. This year…

America Votes founding president Cecile Richards discusses how far the progressive movement has come and where it must go from here.

“I have been enormously privileged to always do progressive work. It’s what feeds me, it’s why I feel like I’m on this earth.”

America Voters founding president and progressive icon Cecile Richards has spent her entire life standing up for what she believes in. From her early days organizing in…

America Votes allies in Colorado and Ohio lead the way in building long-term capacity among diverse communities.

Stand Up for Ohio led the statewide effort that collected 730,000 signatures in support of Issue 1. Photo courtesy of Stand Up for Ohio.

For far too long, campaigns and political parties have tended to view communities of color as not much more than voting blocs, merely engaging with folks of color to secure their vote and moving on. America Votes partner organizations are saying: no more.

From Colorado to Ohio, our partners are…

By Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director, GALEO

Thirty years ago, President Ronald Reagan signed groundbreaking legislation that established September 15 through October 15 to be a month of celebration of Hispanic achievement, leadership and excellence. Just two years later, the 1990 United States Census reported that out of 6.5 million Georgians, 108,9221 were of Hispanic origin. Given…

How America Votes Partners in Wisconsin and Michigan Are Focusing on Grassroots Engagement to Move Communities Forward

MOSES Action, an America Votes Michigan partner, works with congregations across faith traditions to engages communities on issues that matter most to them. Photo courtesy of MOSES Action.

At its core, politics is about people.

We fight for and elect leaders we believe in because of the positive change we hope they’ll bring to our communities — our families and friends, congregations and coworkers.

Yet with the 24-hour political news cycle and unending affronts to our values from…

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