Let’s Build, and Bellyache Less Against Political Correctness

For quite a few generations now, there has been a kind of dying stalemate in the public square-off. Those who build and maintain the modern political quasicorrectnesses, have been gaining with strong power-curves since television began. The most prominent others, in the main, have done mostly public sniping and complaining, rather than building, and it is about time that the tactics change. Sniping has its uses, and complaining is helpful if it motivates; but one must have the real power rolling in, or it’s all just fancy bellyaching.

As other writers and speakers have carefully documented, kings of television and motion pictures have been deliberately doing everything they can, for generations, to drive human storylines in certain directions, which they promote as “correct”, even though the consequences of their “correctness” are legion and terribly, terribly sad. For the same space of time, opposing preachers and politicians and writers and lawyers, have not found ways to effectively drive human thought in better directions. Rather, they complain incessantly, and when they can, snipe weakly.

Certainly, incessant complaining is not what effective leadership does. Can you imagine a CEO or a general leading a charge by constantly complaining about the strength of the competition? When that happens, as it has happened a lot, the company or the army shrinks and dies slowly, because the focus is wrong. The focus has to be on building the better strengths and using them to bring forth the tangible result, and not on the complaining.

And for generations now, the pathetically ineffective “opposition” to political quasicorrectness, has behaved in just the wrong way. Public talk is absolutely essential — things would be much worse now if motivated people did not speak — but it is more than about time, for us to concentrate on building profoundly good and motivational storyline media. We need to organize carefully, deliberately, bearing in mind generations’-worth of lessons of the behavior of the opposition. We need to gather coalitions with very carefully specified lists of points of agreement, with clear upfront commitments to understanding that we will agree to let the rest of the points colliding in this wide world, to be gently and publicly disagreed. We have to agree that we are not playing domination games, that we are using teamwork to build up certain particular good in the world around us. If we are careful, if we do not rush it, and if we most carefully strive to remember that our significant purpose is to team up for good and is not to complain about the opposition, rising good will be the result.

And this is the time. As of recent years it is suddenly profoundly less expensive and less difficult, to build real television channels with national reach. Cord-cutting is chain-smashing. But the storyline shows have to be brought on. Many of us have been trying for years and years, by vote campaigns and lawsuits and public exposure and bags and bags of money, to try to force those who profoundly detest us, to do our work for us. The results are clear, we have greased our own slippery slopes. But if we build the storyline programming which encourages the good and does it very well indeed, people will come, and they will come by millions.

We must also categorically refuse to submit to the fiction of trying to “bring things back” to how some people think they were on the national scale. Things were never that way on the national scale, and if you disagree with this, I suggest you study public entertainment history, which in truth always includes the history of the burlesque and the bordello, in communities rural as well as cities large, and its patronage, which has always included members at and near the very top of the public hierarchies. There is no profoundly good past to bring back, only a profound and terrible idealistic denialism which once dominated, and which is now (thank God) weaker than it has ever been. If we are to do well, we have to accept and encourage repentance of this denialism, and simply build the good in the midst of the opposition which has been so profoundly exposed.

Now I’m just a composing musician, with IT skills (thank God again) to help pay the bills with my sweet Lori. I am not storywriter, executive, director, producer, videographer, and so much more that is absolutely crucial for a strong voice of good to rise up out of the current guttering smolder. But if you are any of these things and wish to see storyline programming that gives you and your beloveds true, profound, and worthwhile joy in public media, please contact me. I wish to help encourage and coalesce many different working groups. And if your group needs some new and highly motivational music, I can help there too.

Jonathan E. Brickman

© 2017 Jonathan E. Brickman