The Trinity Without the Domination Games

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As is very clear to any student of the history of a number of large chunks of this world, the thoughts around the word “Trinity” in discussion of the Creator, have been fraught with domination games. There are even yet today, remnants of wars of whole nations and empires, who destroyed much of each other in their efforts to dominate and take wealth while using that word “Trinity” as the supposed excuse.

Happily, the Lord has seen fit to weaken that pattern. One may hope we will see far less quasichristian lip service and domination games, and therefore more Christ the Lord, in the world as time goes on. And this means that we have more room, not less, to ponder some very interesting areas which He discussed. One of these, is the nature of Christ the Lord, and the nature of His Father in Heaven, and the nature of the Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost if one prefers somewhat older vocabulary.

Now at this point, traditionally, one would have expected me to break out into dozens of cited passages of Scripture, and assemble a huge Tower of Babel of human logic-chains, and if the tower were large enough, broad enough, and incomprehensible enough, and gave lip-service to enough favorite aphorisms and presumptive absolutes, and cited enough of the correct “church fathers”, it might have been given a nod by powers that were in one or two or three dominational groups, only of course after vetting me for appropriate and acceptable kowtow.

But I am here to discuss among friends. If you look into that overquoted “iron sharpens iron” thing, into the Hebrew of it, you will find that it discusses people sharpening their “faces” against each other. Not a happy thing, not a very good thing. Not what I care to do. Not, I’ll suggest, what the Lord asked us to do.

So, my friends, here is a thought, and I will be very interested in your responses. What do you think, about three People, people Very Much bigger than all of us, who do not disagree at all, and are able to think and live separately, and also fully together, whenever and to whatever extent They desire.

There is a recent word which fits this description, and it leaves all of the historical game-playing in the dust. What would it be like, if Three who had all power and all knowledge available to them at a choice, had the ability to do real telepathy?

It is written in the New Testament that the Lord knew the very thoughts of people. How much more so, would He then know the very thoughts of His Others?

And countless writers and others have explored the terrors of telepathy in the hands of human beings. I think that if the telepathy-technologists go far at all, they will make much misery, or simply emptiness of mind by way of both various drugs and various religious ethics which have taught emptiness of mind for millennia. And this is a principal difference of Christ the Lord: He does not teach us to seek emptiness, He teaches us to replace our inner pain with with His Spirit, with His power, with His love and passion and devotion.

And in the long run, the very long run, we do have something to look forward to, far in the distance. It’s far in the distance, because the Lord said that they will “not marry or be given in marriage”. They are described in other important details, the Book of John, chapter 17, verses 20 through 23. Please read it, and do tell!


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