I Am A Russian Bot, Are You?

Or so I’m told regularly by left wingers on Twitter. I thought I was just a semi-normal guy hanging out in the woods and periscoping and tweeting every day, but apparently I fluctuate weekly between a Nazi and a Russian Bot. In addition of being accused of being a pro-Putin bot account, my profile as actually been run through a machine learning algorithm. It then determined that I have a 10/10 score, or the highest possible likelihood of being a Fake Russian Bot account. Here’s a picture of my score some left winger sent me.

Upon further research I discovered one of the tools being used to classify us as Russian Bots. It originated in a Medium blog post by a poster named conspirator0, and the address is makeadverbsgreatagain.us. You type in the twitter handle, and it will tell you the probability that you are a Russian bot. In looking at numerous twitter accounts, the biggest differentiator in a high score vs a low score is the use of the MAGA hashtag. If you use that hashtag your score skyrockets automatically. Use it in conjunction with USA or 1A, it’s a near max score. The article links to Melissa Ryan and her CTRL-ALT-RIGHT-DELETE newsletter on Medium. Going back through her post history, she’s been parroting these Russia-Trump talking points from the beginning. Go to the address and run your own profile to see if you too, could be a Russian Bot.

As the Left’s Russia narrative continues to evaporate, they continue to look for new and fantastical ways to explain the “Russian Connection”. They continually flounder at trying to prove any connection between Donald Trump and Russia. Trump’s “murky” connections as the Washington Post asserts, basically amounts to Trump running a pageant there, and selling a house to a Russian guy. So, they couldn’t prove direct collusion with Trump, so they started in on the fringe players like Roger Stone and Carter Page. As Roger Stone obliterated those ideas in his testimony and through media, they need to find another way to prove Russia helped Trump. The latest are the fact that Russia bought 100K in Facebook ads, and that the Pro-Trump messaging on Twitter is coming from Russian bots.

The Facebook ads are particularly hilarious, because 100K is nothing on Facebook. That’s so insignificant in terms of ad buys it barely rates a mention, to say nothing of the fact that the ads apparently weren’t explicitly pro-Trump. There was Black Lives Matter messaging among other divisive ads, which proves that maybe they had a small interest in sowing division. 100K is so insignificant, that barely rates a weekend getaway for Putin, so to act like that somehow swung an election is absurd. Then we come to the Russian Bot question on Twitter. No one disputes whether or not there are bots on Twitter. The question is are there bots specifically placed there by Russia to amplify pro-Trump messaging? So lets take a look at the “criteria” that’s used to by the left to determine what constitutes a Russian bot. Here’s a line from the New York Times with the headline:

So let’s take a look at that line. Russian “fingerprints”. What exactly constitutes a Russian fingerprint? That’s the question they hope you won’t look too closely at. Apparently I have them all over my account.

Use a particular hashtag too much i.e. #MAGA?

Possible Russian Bot.

Have an American Flag profile picture?

Possible Russian Bot.

Mention positive Trump messages too often?

Possible Russian Bot.

Talk about 1A and 2A a lot?

Possible Russian Bot.

Retweet and like a lot of pro-Trump messages?

Possible Russian Bot.

The criteria that’s being fed into these algorithms is faulty from the start. They try to throw around terms like “Machine learning” and “Algorithm” because they sound high tech and impartial. “Oh it’s an algorithm, it’s totally impartial” is the most ridiculous defense of all time. Someone has to feed the criteria into the algorithm, thus it is susceptible to manipulation. This is the same with a company like Google. They can rate sites in terms of perceived “legitimacy” thus causing the algorithm to place them higher in results. A YouTube staffer admitted to exactly this in the latest Project Veritas video, and a New York Times staffer did the same, admitting collusion between the Times and YouTube. In my article “The Real Collusion Scandal” I outlined how the media, tech companies, and liberal organizations work together to amplify their views, and suppress conservatives. Not only is it happening, it’s about to get worse. Twitter executives have routinely been meeting progressive activists and even partnering with the ADL, who classifies anything to the right of Marx as “hate speech”. One of the first steps they are taking is to flag “pro-Trump” accounts as being Russian bots.

Mark my words, the left may have lost the election, but they are working overtime behind the scenes to win the information war. They thought they had it all in the bag before November 8, and now they are re-energized. They are flooding the web with articles that bear striking similarities across multiple high profile sites. Check out this search result, near identical wording across multiple sites.

Apparently the Russians are really “honing” and “sharpening” attacks. What are the odds that all these sites would use the exact same wording like that in the title? You have to give the progressives one thing, they sure are good at message discipline and propagating information.

Today, I’m a Russian Bot, maybe tomorrow I’m a Nazi again. I might even get lucky and evolve into a Macedonian content farmer the day after.

Or maybe I’ll just be a regular American sitting in the woods tweeting about progressive nonsense.


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