The Diversity Lie

“Diversity is our strength” is one of the big current talking points of the left. Every single time the topic of Immigration comes up, progressives are quick to remind us how we are a nation of immigrants, and any attempt to restrict immigration in any way is hateful and not representative of “our values”. They are quick to point out how not being more accepting to refugees and the like is hateful and racist. We are told we aren’t supportive of enough diversity. In addition, at every decent sized company in the country, they all have diversity officers and metrics to try to ensure adequate representation for everyone. So, the narrative of the left is that America isn’t diverse enough, that we need more diversity and representation. Progressives constantly worship places like Canada for being a multicultural paradise, and how we here in America just hate everyone who isn’t white, which also ties into their current narrative and hysteria about white supremacy.

Take a look at diversity metrics. Google the phrase “most diverse country”. The United States is near the bottom on every single one of them, which furthers the narrative that the USA isn’t diverse enough. Meanwhile, the top 20 most “diverse” countries are almost entirely African. Why is this? Because here in the US, we take diversity to mean race and gender. In virtually every study, diversity is measured by a concept called fractionalization that takes into account different languages as well. So, by the diversity metrics, Papua New Guinea is by far the most diverse country, because they have hundreds of indigenous peoples with hundreds of different languages. New Guinea has about 8 million people, of which a sliver of a fraction is of a different racial ethnicity. So even though they have virtually zero racial diversity, they are considered most diverse because they have lots of different tribes that speak different languages.

Now, let’s a take a look at the current progressive multicultural utopia, Canada. Liberals can’t get enough of Canada. They constantly threaten to move to Canada if their favorite politician isn’t elected, for example. Justin Trudeau is worshipped by the left and even had a Rolling Stone cover lamenting the fact that he isn’t our leader. Well, get ready to have your mind blown. Canada is one of the least racially diverse countries on the planet. Canada is almost 80% white, and 20% what they call “visible minority”. Only 2% of Canadians are black for example. Toronto has a fair amount of visible minorities, but as a whole Canada is one of the whitest countries on the planet. Let’s compare to the United States. At a quick glance, America is 76% White. Doesn’t sound very diverse, does it? Oh but wait, once you do a further inspection, Hispanics are considered White. What? That’s right, Hispanics are classified as white. When you look at White Americans in the census, it includes Hispanic people. So, if you separate that out then it becomes 61% White, 16% Hispanic, 13% Black, and the rest Asian and Mixed. Those numbers are projected to shift to a nonwhite majority by 2050. So, by any racial standard, America is extremely diverse and far more so than most countries that are touted to be bastions of diversity and multiculturalism. America is the most diverse, by far, of any major country. Go look at the demographics of China, India, Canada, and Great Britain, we have them all beat in racial diversity by a mile.

Then we have the companies. Every decent size company has diversity officers and executives. As we saw at Google recently, they will enforce diversity metrics at any cost. Notably, these diversity programs at companies and universities seem to exclude and disenfranchise Asians. Asians tend to be the ones to be discriminated against due to high grades and productivity, as we saw in the Harvard admissions recently. Asian discrimination even has a name: The Asian Tax. The Asian Tax basically means Asians have to score much higher on SATs and the like to be on equal footing for admissions with others. In addition, at a company like Apple, Asians are not considered a URM or Under Represented Minority. So, for all the progressive big talk about diversity, they never seem to care about whether Asians are discriminated against in the meantime. Managers must undergo diversity training to get rid of “implicit bias”, which really only serves to shift the implicit bias from one group another, as hiring practices clearly show.

So now, we’ve eliminated some of the myths of diversity, so what is the Diversity Lie? The diversity lie is that America isn’t diverse, that we aren’t open to new cultures and races. This lie is propagated through guilt. You see, socialist progressives figured out a long time ago that class disparity doesn’t sell. The Marxist ideas of the Bourgeoisie and Proletariat or upper class vs. working class didn’t work. Some time ago, progressives figured out that oppressed vs. not oppressed does work. This is why socialists and now Democrats are constantly pulling the race card and playing identity politics. They need you to believe that we are guilty of oppression and racism to be able to drive their open borders immigration plans, so they can secure a voting block. Democrats know that poor immigrants and migrants are going to overwhelmingly vote Democrat, to get the social programs they want in place, such as healthcare and welfare. This is why they viciously fight any kind of Voter ID or immigration law. Make no mistake, they try to cloak their plans in goodwill and humanitarian guises, but there is absolutely a political plan in place to keep them in power and to have as many people as possible reliant on the state. There are numerous extremely rich countries in the Middle East that could easily handle the refugee crisis, yet for some reason, Progressives are obsessed with bringing them all into Western countries. Ask yourself why that is.

We’ve seen what’s happened in Europe. Progressive politicians bringing in migrants by the millions. Take a look at these boats bringing migrants by the thousands and look to see how many women and children there are. Virtually none. This strategy has one purpose: Shift demographics at any cost to keep them in power. In addition, they hide the results from the people. The explosion of rapes, welfare, and crime statistics in places like Sweden are very difficult to acquire because if the population knew the impact, their game would be up, so they cloak the crime statistics. This is another example of political correctness run amok. Yet again, in the wake of Barcelona, everyone is told that the solution is to just love each other more, and be more accepting. In the meantime, the police are literally arresting people for mean tweets that dare to call out the terrorists.

Here in America, we love diversity. We have no problem accepting anyone regarding race, creed, religion. What isn’t going to happen though, is unsustainable mass immigration. The left loves to compare the immigration in the 1800’s to what we have today, which is absurd. There are literally billions of people on earth that have it worse off than the average American. We cannot just bring them all here. I am all for helping out developing countries through charitable works and the like. Besides the obvious security concerns of unfettered immigration, a significant percentage of our jobs will be robotic and based on Artificial Intelligence in a few years. It is not sustainable to bring in millions of people as we will barely even be able to support our own population once robotics and AI become the new norm.

We as a country are being lied to about how diverse and accepting we are. We will no longer be guilted into accepting policies that place the world’s concerns over our own, and we will expose these lies that only serve to undermine the greatness of our country.


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