The Will to Power: Donald Trump

I’ve always admired those with seemingly unrelenting energy, and an unstoppable will to win. Those who have seemingly supernatural ability to succeed at the highest level. Nietzsche called it the Will to Power. There are a number of interpretations of this concept. Some consider it a metaphysical concept that is present in all life, and Nietzsche even postulated that it superseded the will to live. It has also been thought of as more of a psychological concept that exists within humans, as we have the sentient capacity to reason. It was never clearly outlined to mean one thing, and thus is debated even to this day. He stated that even the most insignificant organism will risk everything for more power, or to advance itself.

”The World is Will to Power, and nothing besides!”

In my limited understand of the concept, I bring it down to the individual psychological level. Humans are all different, we have different desires, hopes, and dreams. Some humans are more driven than others. Thus, some humans have more Will to Power than others. We are all equal in the eyes of God, or the Constitution, but clearly there are those exceptional outliers that challenge our view of reality. To put it simply, the Will to Power is a driving force among humans for achievement, ambition, and striving to reach the highest possible position in life, to grow in power. There are those whose will shapes the reality around them.

When I was young, my first real exposure to indomitable will was Michael Jordan and Joe Montana. Often the case is brought up, “Who is the greatest of all time” in a particular sport, be it tennis, football, or basketball. When you look at what separates the top tier from those below, it’s always will to win. Jordan is the purest example of sheer will to win I can think of in sports. He was dominance incarnate on the court, and would sacrifice everything to be the best. He trained harder and played harder than anyone I have ever seen. No play was insignificant, no title enough to sate his overwhelming desire to win. He wasn’t the fastest, the highest jumper, the tallest, nor did he have the best shot. He was able to take a significant amount of above average attributes and will himself to greatness.

My second real exposure to it was Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. These are two men who put, as Steve called it, “A dent in the universe.” The two ran parallel to one another, and each created one of the greatest companies of all time. Both were considered contemptible by a lot of people, during their ascension. They ruthlessly hired and fired, and drove people to the brink of insanity to realize their visions. These were men that could virtually will things into existence. Bill had a more outwardly nice exterior, but inside was a manic force bent on dominance. Steve carried his emotions on his sleeve, and he was brash, rude, and maniacal at times. These two men shaped the modern world that we all inhabit.

These are a few of the human personifications of the Will to Power. Those who cannot be stopped, whose will can move mountains, and those who can turn themselves into an unstoppable force. Those for whom the world seems to bend itself to favor. Those who seemingly have unending luck. Those who are constantly underestimated and told they can’t do something, then obliterate those notions. They may not necessarily have any one exceptional skill, but they combine a large set of great skills with the will to power to achieve greatness.

“The strongest, find their happiness where others would find only disaster: in the labyrinth, in being hard with themselves and with others……They regard a difficult task as a privilege; it is to them a recreation to play with burdens that would crush all others…….They rule, not because they want to, but because they are; they are not at liberty to play second.”
(Nietzsche, The Antichrist)

I believe the man who is now President has the most dominating will to power I have ever seen, and is almost the human manifestation of the concept. In my videos, I made the case that he is the most successful American that’s ever lived. Be it money, family, power, celebrity, legacy, kids, politics, however you define success, Donald Trump has it, and yet none of it is enough. It never is for those that have the will. For Jordan, 5 titles wasn’t enough, he needed 6. For Jobs, the Mac and iPhone weren’t enough, he needed the iPad. For Trump, no amount of success, money, or power was enough, he needed to become the most powerful man alive.

At first, I hated him. His simple mode of speech, and his willingness to attack others, made him a joke to me, and a lot of other people. His predecessor was smooth, professorial, polished, cool, and Trump is none of those things. Even Tony Schwartz, who co-wrote the Art of Deal, despises Trump and calls him a sociopath, idiot, liar, and all manner of derogatory terms. As time wore on, and I did more research into the man, I slowly started to realize that Donald Trump is a force of nature the likes of which I’ve never seen. I used to hate Jordan, Jobs, Montana, and Brady as well. Sometimes, mediocre hates exceptional. Now, I am inspired by it.

I watched a lot of old Trump videos, from the 80’s and 90’s to get a sense for the man. I started to notice a lot of recurring themes. Everyone who deals with him thinks he’s a moron, then he beats them. This cycle repeated over and over then, as you see it doing now. This has been going on for over 40 years. People think he’s an idiot, liar, narcissist, and con man, but somehow, he gets his way, a lot. Some, like Schwartz, consider him the luckiest man that ever lived, yet somehow, the world bends to his will. Look at the 2016 election. He crushed 17 of the best candidates America has to offer. He was the alpha that made other alphas look like weaklings. When he’s attacked, he fights back and hits even harder, and nothing seems to negatively affect him. The Democrats spent over 1.2 billion to stop him, and he rolled right over them.

Interestingly, one of the common attributes among those with a dominating will to power, is that they are all considered to be extremely, intensely obnoxious. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant terrorized teammates who couldn’t match their intensity. Jobs and Gates routinely berated employees who couldn’t execute their vision. Donald Trump does the same. At the moment of this writing, he’s assaulting his own Attorney General, and the entirety of Congress, as well as firing people constantly. I believe this to be largely because those with this kind of dominating will don’t understand why others don’t fight as hard as they do, and they are willing to crush everyone around them to impose their will. In addition, unlike sports figures, some have the ability to surround themselves with others of the same mindset. Donald Trump will purge the weak from his administration one by one, until only the best of the best remain. We see this in the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci, who reminds me so much of Trump.

Donald Trump says he doesn’t think he’s ambitious, narcissistic, racist, homophobic, mean, greedy or any of these other negative terms. I think he actually believes that because he truly doesn’t think about them. In Donald Trump’s world you either win and gain power, or you are a loser. Gender, race, religion, and ideology are all non-existent to Trump. You can either advance power, or you will be gone. It’s ironic, because he almost transcends concepts like ambition and greed. Even loyalty is an alien concept in Trump’s world. Loyalty does not buy you a free pass to do substandard work. The man that half the country considers a moron, is arguably more evolved in that manner than they are. Intellectuals hate Trump, because they can’t understand him. Even Schwartz admits that after 30 years of analyzing Trump, he doesn’t understand how he operates and gets what he wants. That’s because “intellectuals” don’t understand the true will to power, and how some have it and some don’t. Trump’s will is instinctual the way water is wet, and lions are carnivores. They just are. Liberals especially, want equal outcomes for everyone, then Trump comes along, and smashes through their opposition with sheer force of will. This is why progressives are so scared of him, every previous trick that has worked against opposition in the past, Trump seemed to shrug off. He was immune to identity politics, personal attacks, and relentless negativity. They know, deep down, that he’s a force that will reshape the country, and they aren’t sure they can stop him.

”That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

Tony Schwartz was asked “What is positive about Donald Trump”. He struggled to answer and eventually said, “Persistence. If you could focus his persistence and aggressive nature to a virtuous purpose, he would be amazing.” Right there, from Trump’s most ardent hater, you see why people voted for Trump. We believe that’s what happened. We believed that an insanely tough, ridiculously persistent and aggressive businessman would be a grenade into the corrupt bureaucracy of Washington.

An Unstoppable Force versus an Immovable Object.

We wanted to change Washington to it’s core, and to us, Trump represented the ultimate weapon. Donald Trump wasn’t our candidate, he was our murder weapon. A man who never backs down, and never acknowledges defeat. When he’s attacked, he hits back harder. A man who gains energy from conflict and chaos. We elected a man who gave up having the easiest lifestyle anyone could ever want, because his indomitable will was focused on improving the country that made him. We realized that he has massive negatives, but we believed he was the only one that would have any chance to reform Washington. His will, focused on an America First agenda, would be the one chance we might ever have to really get major reform. This is why we were willing to overlook some of his less savory characteristics.

What the country has now, is a man untainted by drugs, drinking, smoking or vices. A 71 year old man with whom 20 year olds can’t keep pace. A lot of people, myself included, have a hard time understanding it. We don’t understand how someone can be attacked relentlessly, and not only fight back, but gain power and energy in the face of overwhelming odds and chaos. We can’t understand how a Jobs, Jordan, or Trump operates because we are normal, and they are exceptional.

Anthony Scaramucci said “I don’t ever see the President as being under siege.” He’s right, because any attempted siege of Trump only feeds him. Trump can’t be “under siege” because his will can’t be broken. Pressure and chaos only feed the machine. I always laugh when a Trump critic thinks he will resign from pressure. I can’t imagine a more comical idea. It appears some have yet to learn, after over 40 years, that not only does Trump not back down, he is incapable of it. Some people are forged in the crucible of conflict, and only breathe the air that smells of combat.

“I tell you: one must have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star.”

Donald Trump is pure, distilled, will to power. The concept come to life. And now his almost supernatural will to power is focused on improving the United States. Donald Trump, I believe, wants to be considered the greatest President of all time, because anything less would be a failure. Some call it narcissism, I call it will to power. Even if you grant that he’s a malignant narcissist, he needs to win for the country to achieve his narcissistic ends. If the country isn’t appreciably better in every way when he leaves, he will consider it a failure. I actually believe Trump is not a narcissist. I think he transcends that concept. Labels like narcissist, greedy, racist, and deplorable don’t apply to Trump because he is just pure instinctual will to power. This is why nothing seems to stick to him, because he doesn’t believe those things about himself, so why would anyone else? It’s easy to deflect criticisms about yourself if you don’t think about or believe them yourself. It’s also the reason the Democrats cling to the Russia narrative despite no evidence, as it’s the only thing that’s even slightly sticking to Trump at all.

Now, do you want to doubt him again? Mark my words, just like Jordan, he won’t win every game. My bet is that he will win a lot more than he loses, and that will be great for the country. Unless you are a Progressive, then my advice is to seek therapy, because it’s going to be a long 7.5 more years.

Do you want to bet against him?


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