The new IOS 12 is out, and Apple has added a few new features. One of the newest features is an AR Measurement App that allows you to measure things with your phone. We tested it immediately and compiled a list of what would be the best and least applicable uses of the new App.

At first glance, it seemed to measure pretty accurately. We decided to measure our gage blocks to see how accurate it actually is and here’s what we found its proper usage to be.

Possible Applications

  1. Measuring boxes for shipping
  2. Measuring pictures for frame sizing
  3. Deciding if the…

There are tons of benefits to inspecting your manufactured products with a CMM, but I want to talk about what it is that will affect your company the most. Quality and Waste Reduction.

We are proud to announce that we have updated our ANAB Scope of Accreditation and our ANAB Certificate. Through continuous improvement, we have added industry-leading calibration equipment to our scope. Notice our improvements in pressure, mass flow, tension and compression.

American Calibration

#1 Single Source Instrument Calibration Provider.

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