Here’s My New Years Resolution

This year has been, more or less without a doubt, the best year of my life. I graduated college with my friends by my side, experienced the beauty and history that is Europe for the first time, moved to my dream city that I now get to call home, and started a job that challenges me at an amazing company I have high hopes for.

But perhaps more importantly, I learned that it’s okay to show people a side of you that isn’t just happy and perfect, that it’s worth it to trust people to show you support when life throws you a curveball. I learned that I have to say no to some things and to call people out when something matters, that I can’t simply shrug everything off and avoid confrontation at the expense of issues not being resolved. I learned that I need to be less absentminded and self-absorbed in conversation, to really pay attention to what people say instead of focusing on how I can sell myself. And I learned that nothing should be prioritized over good health — sleep and exercise cannot be sacrificed.

And it’s crazy to say this has been the best year of “my life” because I forget just how young I am — only 22. It’s easy for me to feel a sense of urgency to do all these things, to plan and set schedules and goals on a hurried timeline. I get frustrated when I don’t know everything at work, but I forget I’m only 6 months in. I get impatient when I haven’t yet met someone worth being in a relationship with, but I forget this is only the beginning of my 20s.

Perhaps I feel this urgency because it feels like each year is a countdown to a lesser year, that getting older is synonymous with less happiness. But why is that? Every year end I should be making a status that says “this year was my best yet” and THAT is my new years resolution, every year.

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