Much ado about Nepotism! Really?

She had Barbies to play with, and I did not have any when I was a kid. Ugh! The ‘nepotism debate’ as it’s known as now (rolling eyes) has come down to as trivial as a childish squabble.

Some may have been born with the silver spoon, and if they do nothing but feed off the spoon, it will soon turn into a ‘katora on the street’ before they know it. Meanwhile, some others must have struggled when they grew up, and because of that, they may have reached a place where they strived to be in. But all of that success means nothing if they are still cribbing and whining about how the rich got it easily while they had to bash out all the devils before they made it big.

Every person has had and will continue to face demons in their life to achieve something they aim for. Be it with nepotism or sans it. A son or a daughter with a successful mother or father will be expected by everyone to be good at the profession even before they start off. Yes, they might get a platform to be on when they start, but if they do not prove their mettle, that platform will soon be kicked off from their feet by the world. However, the assistant’s daughter of this successful father or mother’s will prove out to be one of the finest quality that the world has ever seen. And they will make it big. But both the strata of life will not be respected by the world if they keep on fighting over how they reached the top.

Struggling for a goal in life (with or without the silver spoon) makes you realise the importance of every step taken and helps you to appreciate the sheer details of it.

Dealing with who you are and how you were born is one important thing in life that makes your individuality unique.

At the end of it all, it’s the talent and determination that matters in a person to prove the world wrong and not the money or the power.

For all those making jokes about nepotism, is that all you are worth for? Yea you meant it as a joke and a sarcastic dig by clearly understanding how the media will blow it out of proportion, so don’t go around saying that you are sorry for something, which you did not even start to care about in the beginning.

For all those who are against nepotism, well, you did not make it this big with the help of it so why whine about it at this juncture when you have proved everyone wrong and have made it big in life?

Some are born with nepotistic lineage, and some are not. Hey, that’s life. It is up to you to make a big deal or just shrug it off and give the cold shoulder to it. Be good citizens of India and help the media to cover something that is worthwhile than giving them something as trivial as nepotism.