Top 5 Of The Most Heathy Pumpkin Spice

Earlier than August even ends, PSL season shamelessly rushes in, and pumpkin spice is miraculously EVERYWHERE, not excluding leggings, lipsticks, or pet food. However there are more healthy methods to get your sometimes sugar-stuffed pumpkin-spice repair.

With so many individuals going bananas for pumpkin, the onslaught of PSL-inspired merchandise hits hard and quick. Fortunately, these eight more healthy-for-you selections are nonetheless out there, so you may get a nutritious style of the season throughout peak autumn. Act quick, though — it is already October, folks.

Larabar Pumpkin Pie Nutrition Bar

Smooth and spicy with a rich festive taste, this Pumpkin Pie contains 190 calories and the taste of fall for only $6.

Halo Top — Pumpkin Pie

Soft creamy ice cream, healthy and sweet, all the taste just for $7.

Siggis Skyr Pumpkin and Spice Yogurt

This yogurt is filled with a high amount of protein and low amount of calories for $24.

Paleo Protein Powder

Nonthing but healthiness with; 26g of protein per serving, no dairy or whey or soy, pastured grass-fed beef, and no added hormones for $40.

Green SuperFood

The heart warming taste of pumpkin pie spiced with cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon, all blended together for the perfect holiday treat for $30.