At LiftLab we train a lot of weightlifters. We also train a lot of people you would consider “general” population. It’s too easy to make the mistake of “They Olympic lift, they’re athletic”

While yes, Olympic Lifting is the most athletic movement you can do. We shouldn’t overlook training general athleticism as part of a developmental model. We use med ball exercises to work on developing general athleticism.

Med ball throws are great because they get the athlete moving the transverse (rotational) plane. This is very different than the classical lifts or accessory movements (squat, deadlift, press) which are all sagittal plane axially loaded movements. Speed, timing and total body coordination are also benefits of med ball work.

Here are common exercises we use as warm-ups and accessory movements.

Med Ball Rotation Perpendicular
This is a great exercise for a rotational hip drive and transferring force through the core.[/embedyt]

Med Ball Rotation Facing
This exercise focuses on hip extension with anti-extension through the core.[/embedyt]

Med Ball Drop Step 
Drop steps focus on lateral drive from the hips as you transfer force through the core[/embedyt]

Half Kneeling Med Ball Toss
This is an advanced anti-rotation exercise which is great for core stabilization.[/embedyt]

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By Daniel German