What is the Value and Importance of BLS Certification?

BLS stands for Basic Life Support, which is a certification course developed by the American Heart Association. It can be said that Basic Life Support is a life saving technique that involves managing severe medical situations. For immediate recovery from life threatening emergency situations, BLS is performed. It is found that BLS procedure is often preferred by several training and informational programs as well as widely known as ABC method, which stands for Airway, Breath and Circulation management. During this procedure, basic life saving techniques is used without involving utilization of clinical equipment and administration of IV drugs and medications.

Who requires a Basic Life Support certification?

It is believed that BLS is the required level of CPR certification for lifeguards, emergency medical technicians, nurses, pharmacists and physicians. Whether you are a professional rescuer, healthcare service provider or a student, it will prove to be effective in achieving a BLS certification.

What does Basic Life Support certification covers?

BLS is considered to be the all-in-one course that covers the topics and skills, like:

  • Using Automatic External Defibrillator or AED
  • Rescue breathing act for victims suffering with respiratory arrest or chest compressions
  • Ventilation using a bag-mask device or advanced airway or bag-mask ventilations
  • Relief from chocking or foreign body airway obstruction or pocket-mask ventilations
  • Basic Life Support makes use of certain techniques and skills that helps in unblocking victims’ airway, which may be depriving one from coughing or talking.

How BLS is effective?

  • BLS is intended for anyone who needs to know the basic principles of CPR and AED usage and other primary methods of lifesaving skills.
  • BLS is often required for medical professionals but most commonly BLS/CPR courses are combinedly effective for teachers, coaches, lifeguards and babysitters.
  • BLS helps in learning the proper techniques for using an automated external defibrillator (AED).

How to Enroll into Basic Life Support certification course?

The American Safety Training Institute offer courses in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator (AED) techniques, first aid, and personal and workplace safety training. We are recognized and accepted throughout North America. BLS certification by ASTI will help you learn all essential healthcare skills that will make you well prepared to deal any kind of life threatening situation. We have experienced safety training instructors, first responders and medical professionals who will deliver educated and safety-centric customer service.

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