My Mother’s day

Recanto da Lua Cheia

On the Mother’s day, my parents, my brother and I went to a restaurant in Ribeira.

Ribeira is an old neighborhood and a famous place in Salvador, Bahia. There are many restaurants and bars there. You can walk, ride a bike on the streets, talk with residents and see the sunset. When we arrived, I needed to park, but it’s only possible on the street, for me is very difficult because I’m a new driver, but I got it.

The Recanto da Lua Cheia is a beautiful restaurant. There are many trees, the decoration is ecologic and is possible to see the Bay of All Saints. We ate typical food and talked about many things! I have eaten better food than that but I liked it. There was a singer. He was playing Brazilian music. But we didn’t listen to the music because the audio was very low. The waiters are very fast and our food and drinks came fast. The view is very cool. It’s possible ot see the sea, islands and ships. The place was crowded. But it was a lot of fun!

Bay of All Saints

By Rafa