Good teachers or Good schools?

We need good teachers more than we need good buildings. Don’t argue.
Yes, I know learning has to be in a conducive environment.
Yes, I know secondary schools need all the fancy buildings and working fans. 
But, I also know we need good/well paid teachers more than those buildings because like it or not, the buildings aren’t going to teach these kids.

We don't care for these teachers that's why when they come to school, most of them do whatever because they don't get paid enough or even early. Don't get me wrong, I'm not justifying their actions, I'm just letting you understand that if they don't get paid they'll continue to bring their zobo to school to sell instead of teach, they'll continue to knit in the staff quarters instead of prepare a good lesson note..

Yesterday, I had a test on Narrative Composition. We were to write an essay on a natural disaster/accident witnessed and guess what? My friend gave me hers to read and oh Lord?! (I'm sorry, girl) She started her essay with defining what an accident was and listing all the kinds of accident she knew, from fire to river to road to whatever. She had no idea she was supposed to be giving a witness account, I had to explain and tell her to start all over. This is somebody that passed her JAMB? It's funny and heartbreaking at the same time, I've always been irritated with this objective examination of a thing but yesterday, I was more than irritated. I was angry.

If I'm fortunate enough to teach during my NYSC, I'm going to make these kids understand that spelling correctly isn't only for the examination hall, that you don't have to be very intelligent before you can try to punctuate well, that Oxford comma is a thing, that contrary to what that underpaid ass told you; Simile isn't just the direct comparison between two things using as and like, that you can actually use your brains for simple calculations, that narrative essay is giving a detailed account of a story not using five paragraphs to define the topic, that there's a difference between BEEN and BEING, that there are good teachers..

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