In a country with such diversities as Nigeria, you shouldn’t make laws based on religions, traditions. You should know you shouldn’t;

1) Set an exam on religion when it’s not a Christian school or a Muslim school. This is because, growing up, I thought we had only two religions; Islam and Christianity. Then I got older, I saw the Hare Krishna children singing and dancing on the streets, I was baffled. But, it got me thinking about how our schools teach only IRK and CRK, what about children like these? What are their options in a country with only two recognised religions? Or those not in any at all?

2) Pass an anti-gay law. Not everybody are believers of a faith or any for that matter, some just want to live and let live, but are they allowed? No. Why? Because of laws like these; laws that infringe on people’s right. I’ve never understood it and I probably never will. But what I do understand is that people are different and I’m in no place to condemn or take actions against them.

I was talking to a friend of mine about this and here: "In AP Psych, I learned about this guy who believed in a sexuality scale based from 1 to 6, 1 being completely straight and 6 being completely gay. I'd be a 3, you sound like a 2 to me." When he told me that, I couldn't argue not because I'm on my way to gaytown, but because I wouldn't know if I've never tried and since he knows me, and that was his opinion, he could be right or wrong.

These aren’t things you look at with an open mind as a Christian, Muslim(fanatic). You only see what you want — that is what you grew up understanding, the beliefs that has long been inculcated in you. So, you shouldn’t!

3) Make laws using tradition: In Benin, there are so many absurdities that are now laws here(unwritten). And people like me schooling here? Not an indigene? Mehh, my life is also controlled by these things. I’m sure we have them in other places in Nigeria too.

Traditions and Religions? We should at least be reasonable about them.
A man will beat his wife mercilessly with all kind of things. My Aunty is a painful example, she allows her husband to beat her with broken plates, bottles, belts.. disrespect her publicly, and you ask her "what are you going to do about it?" She says: "I for leave am ohh, but I don born three already, where I wan go and what will people think?" — Society/Traditions. "My belief is against it, the Pastor talk say make I endure say e go change one day one day." — Religion.

And we say our problem is colonisation? No, man. There are billions of examples, and when I say billions, I'm not exaggerating, there are.

We need to understand that not everyone is a Christian, Muslim, traditionalist... We need to respect people and not kill/harm them because they’re not like us. You should know you shouldn’t!