The struggle pt2.

Yesterday was Friday
Yesterday was doomsday
I battled with pink and black
But he said with pink, style I lack.
So, I flipped my hair and smiled
Like I'm alright with his choice 
Everyone's choice, but mine.

Today is Saturday
A day of itchy fur and blinding light,
A sad day.
He says "wave and smile",
"You'll get the cash"
Which I get, with a lorryload of bash.

My self esteem comes from flashing lights and camera
Which goes with having sex with the devil
And running in a mad person's shoe
Being 'touched' by brushes, caressed by foams 
Almost rendered deaf with applause...
Head held high, I'm told to walk on water
Which would be easy if, just if, I wanted this path.

Tomorrow will be Sunday
Who knows?! It might just be a sunny day.