Just like Shaquille O’Neal (NBA legend) you love smartphone apps. You are on the App Store every day to check out what’s interesting and you already have many of the best apps in your smartphone — which is a great way to keep abreast of technology trends.

One day a brilliant idea struck you and you start googling for app developers and app designers. While there is nothing wrong with this, you should do your homework first because failing to do so can lead to losing lots of money and time. Let’s consider, for the sake of example, your brilliant idea is a Note taking app.

Let’s consider, for the sake of example, your brilliant idea is a Note taking app.

Define the core features of your application

i.e. write notes, delete notes, show timestamp, search notes etc. This is just for phase 1 to get your app on the App Store quickly and learn if people like your app concept. You can always add more features like embedding images and short videos in notes, print notes via the cloud and more later. If you don’t have these features pre defined, your app will never launch.

Select the appropriate platform for your application

as in, where you want your application to be available: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows etc. It’s easier, in general, to start with the platform you are used to. If required, you can always make the app cross platform later on.

Hire a mobile app design and development agency

preferably those interested to work with startups, who have all the resources under one roof i.e. designers, developers, marketing people, good influence in the industry etc. Instead of fancy client work, if the studio has many successful apps of their own it’s a big plus.

Decide how would you like to work with the agency (i.e. fixed amount, hourly, monthly etc.)

This post is to get you started on the right track. There are many other things to know which we will talk about in the second post…

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