Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

STOMACH TURNING: Mr. Brock you are a man of many contradictions but the worst has got to be claiming you are against money in politics while the Hillary campaign was the worst offender in history. I saw Wikileaks in which Podesta and Tanden blushed at how nakedly you were skirting/violating campaign finance law. This disgusted progressives to the point where they didn’t vote at all.

So now, looking at who still has some credibility, you want to join forces with Bernie? The playbook of you billionaire money bundlers has always been to promise to help the underprivileged to gain power. Then, when in power, the policy maintains the status quo.

If you are serious about money in politics, then unilaterally disarm. Bernie did and it paid huge dividends, it made Wall Street ties a liability for Hillary both in the primary and general. You claim to be interested in Bernie’s movement yet you don’t see this?

If you are serious, why aren’t you calling Democrats like Cory Booker and advising them to get off the money teat? You really want to connect with the progressive grassroots? Tell the Gates, Jobs, Hastings, Broads, Dells, Steyers that they shouldn’t be putting money into elections they should be putting it into middle class jobs.