Watched some TV the other night with my wife (catching the Always Sunny Season 13 premier, meh), it was the first time in years that we watched a TV show live and with commercials.

It was wild. We’re very not used to them. It was comical how off guard we were when the first one started during the show. It didn’t register that we had transitioned to a commercial and we both got hilariously confused. When we realized what happened we laughed for a while.

Anyways, commercials are wild and your not missing much if you’re also a cord cutter.

We should be extraordinarily skeptical… but also deliriously excited.

Lost in the city/Detective c

I suspect that most people have constant threads throughout their careers. Maybe you gravitate towards certain problems. Perhaps you might have the same pattern of excitement, boredom and eventual departure from every job you’ve had. Maybe you and your friends gravitate towards the same companies again and again.

I was reflecting on the stuff I’ve worked on over the past five years and I noticed a common thread that I didn’t realize was there: I’m never sure that what I’ve done is good.

I’ve felt satisfaction, pride and shame, but I’ve never stood back at the end of a project…

Mark Turner

Engineer at Heroku building the platform. I did a few other things, mostly some ruby stuff. I love working on hard problems and new ideas.

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