What you need to know about expectations.

To expect is the first thing you do before everything. I say this because it had been in our lives before we know it. It is something hidden in ourselves and we need to realize it in order to control it.

Expectations has its own level, whether it is high or not. A high expectations could possibly ruin your day. While low expectations will keep you aware at times so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Whenever you thinking about something good, a high expectations will come first. If you aware of that coming, it is a good move to lower the level of expectation. 2 main ways expectation could harm you;

  1. A high level of expectations will make you wait for the perfect moment to come,which is will never come most of the time. It is important to realize that a perfect moment would never come even it comes, it comes in a million chance. Imagined that you want to quit smoking, you expect when the exam is finished you will stop smoking due to less stress. But leisure then will induce you to smoke again.
  2. A high level of expectations will ruin your plan. Whatever you thinking about, it comes with an action. Due to high level of expectations, there are likely no obstacle that will messed up the plan but in reality so much thing will interrupt what you had planned. Because you had no backup plan in the beginning, you’ll likely will be panicked in the midst of hardship.

Expectations comes through various ways in our lives.

When you decide on something

When you meeting somebody

When you’re on vacation

When you talk to someone

When you’re giving something

And many more.

Everyone must had been through the situation where you’re meeting somebody and you’re gonna chit chat, have a fun conversation, get to know each other and when the time comes it is not always what you imagined.

Or you come to school all prepared, good vibes, ready to take notes but in the end nothing was written at all. To travel to scenic places to gain tranquility but it doesn’t match the picture in your head. And you keep thinking that you didn’t have enough.

To expect is not something bad to do but when the outcome is better than your expectations, you will be rejoiced to your heart’s content. But when it’s worse than your expectations, simply said you’ll be depressed. To be frank the bad ones often happens.

But the universe has it’s own magic, in my experience, the more I didn’t expect the better the outcome will be. At first I didn’t realized it. But after the good things happen it is because I didn’t hope that something that favors me will happen.

When you didn’t hope for something in return for what you give, the more you will gain.

Do more and expect less ! Live your life with energy and smile.

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