Happy holidays! 
As the year comes to an end. All the journals that housed my goals and to-do lists this year are being reviewed. Reflecting on the year’s lessons, achievements and mistakes is an important activity of mine.

One of such achievements is starting and running my literature blog, 
However, this achievement taught me the following.

1. Importance of Research

One of my goals in 2017 was to become a published literature writer. I had a few action steps to help me achieve this. My stories could be published in literary magazines, by a publishing house or through online self publishing. For months I tried the first option but kept getting rejected. Then I researched on how bestselling authors do it. Simple, they wrote, built a brand, established its presence(through their blogs or social media) and wrote some more. Their brand presence sold their works on all platforms. I decided to start my literature blog. I need a space to share my writing. Researching the options you have to achieve your career goals is important. Certain action steps are stepping stones that improve your skills and create opportunities.

2. Do you know your brand?

Starting the blog made me put myself, my writing style and what I had to offer into words and action. I had to create my writing brand by digging deep. Who are you? What do you have to offer to a company or people's needs? Amethyst Saw offers 'my quirky creative narrative' in short reads.

3. Consistency

Being consistent yields amazing results over time. I had to consistently publish on my designated publish days. 
You can’t be consistent if you don’t plan and act.

By taking informed actions you face your fears. Facing your fears consistently helps you build confidence and overcome them.

I had a Tuesday feature, Quotes From A Goal Digger's Journal. Publishing consistently helped me build a presence, readership and get a radio interview for the inspiring series.

4. Utilising social media

Gone are the days of spending all day on social media observing other people get their dream lives. Social media is a powerful business tool. I started an Instagram page for my pen name, Amethyst Saw. Choose a social media platform that suits your brand. Is it LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram? You know your brand so choose which will propel its presence. On the page I created, I post my book photographs, reviews and updates which suits Instagram. Interactions on this platform have helped me build connections and increase my readership.

5. Skills improvement

One of the reasons I loved blogging literature is that it improved my reading, writing, editing, photography skills. I also apply for legal internships or volunteer to organizations with this in mind.

Which venture or company will provide opportunities for me to improve my skills or acquire new ones?

6. Connections. Network. Opportunities.

Although I read articles on networking and its importance. It didn’t occur to me that it was applicable to my budding writing career. Soon enough I learnt that connecting with writers, readers, companies in the book industry helped me build a network. This created opportunities. Connect, build a network and seize opportunities. I reviewed an online bookstore, Roving Heights. The store recommended me for an interview with 9Mobile Prize for Literature Blog. That opportunity shocked me and helped improve my brand presence.

The year is ending with me being a published literature writer. There are still many steps to take on my writing career path. You could use these lessons to get you that project, job or position you want in 2018.