In recent times, we have observed the commercial sector surging towards making office spaces more comfortable and favorable for their employees. However, these novel office architectural concepts when introduced brusquely in workplace premises, are untoward to it’s intent, as these aren’t designed organically and fail to serve its purpose. This makes design a fine balance of new concepts built on the formative fundamentals of design, making it a combination of new age design, complemented by traditional elements of it!

Office spaces like these, including the best of both worlds i.e. not necessarily debunking the set rules of office interior design, and subsuming contemporary concepts of it, are called Neo-traditional office spaces.

Workplaces like these are idyllic, as they maintain an environment of comfort and a professional environment ecosystem!

Here are a few bases of a Neo- traditional workplace:

Conference Room

The utility of conference…

Design- it’s a term which is colossal in its very form and nature. It comprises of imponderable sub types and it cannot be subjected to objective evaluation. However, one thing that is absolute with commercial interior design with regard to any space is that-it tells a story!

There is a pith of the organization that is significant of it’s very existence and that majorly defines the organization’s prerogative as a brand. One such organization, whose workplace was designed in accordance to a universal favorite viz Music, was, one of India’s leading radio stations- Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

To begin with…

In today’s day and age, with increasing lengths of technological strides, work environments are heading towards becoming maximally productive and are open to contortion with regard to the conventional architectural appearance of a work-space, thereby making it conducive for employees and consequently, improving the product of their ideation. One such organization, open to the idea of open spaces and having absolute belief in the therapeutic characteristics of colors, is HighQ.

We designed their space spread across 16000 sq. ft., using combinational design influences, wherein, we had open spaces and a wide panoply on our color palette alongside, certain spaces which…

When we design commercial spaces,one of our primary points associated with regard to service delivery from our end is that we look at not being a ‘one project wonder’ for that organization,we work towards a long term relation and look forward to recurring projects. Apart from that, if the workplace is that of a startup, it makes things maximally limpid from both ends. One such organization which is mutually inclusive in the Venn diagram of these two parameters is Razorpay.

When we started out on this recursive venture, and deliberated alongside the core team of Razorpay, we could gauge that…

Boring,isn’t it? If this room could be personified,it would be a person who constantly get harried by statements like “Dude, you can do better!”,and the guys saying this would characteristically be equivalent to *Drum rolls* Wallpapers! *Ba dum tshh*.

From symmetrical design patterns to contemporary murals to forbidden graffiti by anonymous artists, all of it is subsumed in a Wallpaper’s design. The very fact that these are seen in office premises lately,is that they add truck loads of personality to a room and give out a distinctly cool vibe.

Ameya Mahalaxmikar

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