Snapchat Ceo Calls India a Poor Country and He ain’t Wrong

Snapchat CEO — Mr. Evan Spiegel ( Image source Knownstartup)

There is news running around that Snapchat Ceo Mr. Evan Spiegel allegedly said that their target audiences are in rich countries and they are not concerned about expansion in poor countries like India.

#Twitter and #Facebook has already gone rogue with #BoycottSnapchat

Here’s what I think.

First of all if the news is true then I suppose that it is a bad move by Mr. Evan as India is the biggest market for any silly or non-silly products and your foremost savior against #Instagram. Especially after it’s wild growth and Instagram stories that surpassed #snapchat in terms of daily stories.

Mr.Evan needs to understand that we Indians are actually ‘ poor’ and also very emotional. We already started giving most cute replies like

1) “Paise se garib he to kya hua. Dil amir he hamara” — What if we are poor in terms of money, our hearts are reach.
2) “Even if we 100 crore Indian donate you 1 Rupee each, we will buy you out.”

(Bdw snapchat is worth 20B i.e. 1289382000000 Rupees.)

3) “ We are not rich in money, but we are rich in culture, so rating you 1 star on Google Play”
4) “ Tirupati Balaji have donation of ladoos worth Rupees 10 crores”
5) “ Our Mr. Ambani can buy you out multiple times”

Okay if snapchat is for rich people, but without us- the poor audience, who will these rich people woo with their lifestyle. :P

On the serious notes, replies like this are okay for the moment but it feels like we have started accepting and even enjoying our problems like

1) Poverty

2) Overpopulation

3) Culture of Whining attitude

4)The rich beggars inside temples and hungry beggars outside

5) The concentration of wealth in the hands of few.

Like there are stages in facing problems, first, we don’t like it, we get furious, we start adjusting and then there comes a time when we stop doing anything about it and accepts it the way it is and starts enjoying it making it an integral part of our lives. I think we are in the last phase.

His comment ain’t wrong factually. We are a poor country. Aren’t we the reasons for it. Then why see it as a disgrace and why not accept it and understand that we need to grow as a country and really need to improve our standing in front of the world so next time no one dares to think low of us. It doesn’t matter how rich your temples are or how wealthy are your top leaders. What matters in how rich and abundant the society is in life. We do lack on that prospect.

Moreover, it his business. He has the right to decide which markets are profitable. If he is planning or starts charging for snapchat, he will loose at least half of the consumer base. Also if you are a startup founder with limited resources and a product made for the urban population, would you care to promote it in the villages or poor areas, even be it in your own country. Of course not. You have a targetted audience and you will focus on them. You won’t waste your resources on non-profitable markets.

“He is a CEO talking like businessman and not a politican that he can’t make money from India.” — Anil Chikkara

Maybe it’s time we take his comment on our heart and not ego and lets

#MakeIndiaRichAgain let’s #BoycottPoverty

Whats your say?​