Dear Best Friend

Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash

This friendship day, I forgot to wish my best friend.

She was busy with her wedding preparations and I was busy staying out of her way!

We are pretty much past the wishing and constantly nagging each other phase, we discuss real life problems nowadays (yes! maturity!!)

So, I wrote her a small message just to let her know about her importance in my life and also to motivate her a little bit.

Dear best friend,

We didn’t actually get to talk on friendship day so this is kind of not required but still much needed message.

I know life has been busy for both of us, but that is how it is going to be in the future, it is going to get busier, so I just want you to know this.

We have literally evolved into such different people yet stayed the same for each other and to have this transparent relationship is rare and I love it.

I know your life is hectic right now and it all might be a bit overwhelming, but just be the girl I have known forever and keep hustling.

I want you to be the best because that is how I will push myself to be the best.

You have been my inspiration for so long, no matter how tough the problems are, I always know you will crush them, That is why you are the best.

(P.S. I miss you and I love you to the farthest planet from earth and back!)

(P.P.S. You will be the godmother to my kid’s, so try and be a super duper amazing one who lives in a foreign country, so they can brag about it!!)

And I can definitely say she was very happy with it.

How do you make your best friend happy?