Hello my friends. My name is Alexander Nicholas Meyer, and today I will be sharing my life story with you. Born and raised in Mt. Prospect, this young stud started playing sports at the age of 6 playing soccer with my best buds. We stuck together for a few years after that, and then I got into the Mount Prospect baseball program and excelled in this sport. A couple of years later, in 8th grade I started wrestling, and it was so fun that I decided to get good. Academics hadn’t been too hard for me, so I excelled in school.

Music that touches me:

Next, I chose the song Dora The Explora because it inspires me to come on and jump in, and I can lead the way.

What I like to do:

People who inspire me:

I chose boots the monkey as my inspiration because this little monkey dude does all the work and Dora gets all the credit. It inspires me that even though you do all the work, somebody else might get the credit, but that is all right because it is what you know that you did and that makes me feel good inside.


“If bullsh*t was money, you’d be a millionaire.”

— stranger from public restroom 2016 Milwaukee

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