Spring Break: Gateway to Underage Drinking

What ceases to amaze me is the stereotype placed on all college students in reference to Spring Break. When you think of a typical college spring break, what do you think of? A beach? Warm summer sun? Lots of young men and women playing volleyball on the sand with drinks in the cooler nearby? Radio playing and people partying? Well regardless if that’s what you picture or not, it’s what the media and movies seem to capture.

This scene isn’t all bad. It’s fun to shoot the breeze and relax with friends. Especially at a place as beautiful as the beach. However what is not ok, is underage students using it as an excuse to drink and party, and the fact that this encompasses most college students. I, personally, do not want to be lumped into the majority, especially in this case.

In spite of all this, what is encouraging is that the sheriff’s department in Destin, Florida is cracking down on those who decide to partake in distributing alcohol underage students, as well as, those who are drinking underage.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not opposed to a casual drink every now and then, I personally do not partake in it, but if others want to that is great. Although drinking underage is not ok. First of all, it is illegal. There really should not be a second reason, the first stands on its own. However, if you need more, the repercussions of getting caught underage drinking should be enough to keep one from partaking in it.

Destin’s sheriff department is off to the right start. This year they have decided to take a strong stance and be active in keeping the amount of underage drinking students to a minimum. It is overwhelming the amount of people that use spring break as a “right of passage” to drink and get drunk. I do not mean to sound harsh, but I am tired of being included in that stereotype.

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