Pre-Run Snack

Needed a small pre-run snack before setting out on a run this morning (8 miles, new hat, mini water bottle, high five thumbs up).

Discovered these little guys on my counter. I had forgotten they were waiting for me.


The tastes: Tortilla chip + dark chocolate coconut

The appearance was rustic folded tortilla chip next to boulder shaped nub of dark chocolate coconut wonder. The taste was heavy salt on the front end followed by full bodied corn. Once the chocolate was in play, dark chocolate dominated initially and soon melted into a creamy, grainy coconut flavor. The salt from the tortilla chip played nicely with the sweet and coconut-y flavors of the chocolate.

Overall, I’d say this was a solid flavor combination to experience. Not as in-your-face amazing as, say, tortilla chip + M&M, but I’d do it again.

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