How to join Kusama Nomination Pools KSM

Nomination pools are one of the new key features to improve the staking system in the Dotsama ecosystem. The goal is to maximize the overall stake on the network. A nomination pool is viewed as a single nominator from the NPoS system point of view.

Nomination pools allow the operator of the pool to maximize the staking rewards for the users by distributing the stake among the optimal amount of validators.

This guide assumes that the user already owns a Kusama address, otherwise please find more information here.

Let's join a pool!

Step 1 — Visit

Visit the pools section of polkadot.js directly by following the link below:

or go to the Pools section via "Network >> Staking >> Pools"

Step 2 — Select Pool

In the first row (ID 1), click the Join button on the right side for the pool named Amforc.

Step 3 — Join Pool

Select your address you would like to use to join the pool. Enter the amount of KSM you would like to put into staking. Click on the Join button.

Click on the Sign and Submit button and then sign and submit the transaction.

Once the green checkbox shows up, you have successfully joined the pool! You will now start earning staking rewards on your KSM.

Follow this guide to claim your rewards: How to claim rewards in Kusama Nomination Pools



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