Why do so many activists commit suicide?
Kate Raphael

If you truly embrace the first noble truth taught in Buddhism that life is suffering, then your first task should be to minimize/extinguish your own suffering. Go on that path first. You can remain determined to change the structures of our society and such, while simultaneously seeing the reality of suffering as it is and the nature of your own mind. When you do this, you never get so tripped out as to need to kill yourself, because you never give your thoughts the opportunity to control you. You never become addicted to thought itself. Every human being would be profoundly served by understanding their own addiction to thought and working to ease yourself, and end your addiction, ultimately through meditation. The writings of Jiddu Krishnamurti and Thich Nhat Hanh have assisted me immeasurably in this effort. My first Vipassana retreat sealed the deal and gave me empirical evidence that my own suffering can be minimized once I learn how to actually gain mastery over my mind.

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