How to buy online customers?

"How to buy online customers Unlike door to door salesmen of old, the work to be done on the web is to" attract "customers to the company rather than" push "the product to them. The web offers a set of almost unlimited to help attract customers tools.

[...] Work to be done on the web is to "attract" customers to the company [...].

The first step in acquiring and activating customers is to understand how people buy or related to the product. It happens this way:

Step 1: People want to discover a need or solve a problem. They say, "I want to throw a party," or feel alone and decide to look for a fun party or dating site. And after that?

Step 2: Start looking.
The vast majority in this century, undertake the online search. Often in, but you can use Facebook, where they ask your friends, or Quora, where they ask opinions, or hundreds of other sites "recommend" everything from Yelp to Zagat through

Step 3: Do not look for much. People do not "find" someone online without. In fact, often only they pay attention to the first things I discovered (how often someone looks beyond the first page of results on Google?). You should get the site, application or product to be as visible as humanly possible in all places where customers can start your search.

Step 4: Go where they are invited, entertain them or inform them. It really is not about "winning" the interest of customers with slick sales pitches or nonsensical. In a typical Google search, the company is one of the thousands of options that the user can click. So you have to get that click providing attractive, useful or entertaining information using many formats (content, diagrams, free documents, blogs, videos, games, demos, whatever) and participating in communities and social networks in which they can be Your clients.

You need to think about the way people make decisions to guide the acquisition strategy and activation:

1. Determine who the audience, after which the goal is to occupy a prominent place there where they spend their time on the web. Skaters do not read the Wall Street Journal or TechCrunch often therefore need to focus on skate sites, blogs on the subject and the like.

2. What type of content that is considered attractive? Our skaters probably prefer illustrations, games and videos instead of long texts and documents free. Obviously you have to reach them with the kind of content you find most interesting and useful, for example, safety tips or tricks for difficult moves, not an essay on why the skate is an attractive sport.

3. Confirm that the content fits the location. Users Quora, Twitter and Facebook expect brief and interesting articles and despair against long, or ignore them. Social networks have little purpose if the sales pitch is long. Therefore, the content should "fit" in the chosen place to put it.

4. Participate in communities that are part of customers. Answer questions, offer suggestions, comments and advice and where possible invite people to know the product.

5. Create content that people want to reference. Because they are useful tips, FAQs, cartoons or funny videos, it is important to make the content type that customers want to share with your friends. As a result, they get the invitation of the company to friends. "

Giovanny Amador