Oh dear! All Too Human is a lovely film, beautifully done, but it doesn’t address the issue of…
Barbara H Partee

Dear Ms. Partee,

Thanks very much for your thoughts and insights into the film and the subject of the film. The film was aimed at documenting aspects of life on the streets and homelessness and drug use as well as alcohol use are issues in any discussion of those topics. We didn’t vet her or try to find someone who fit a particular profile. We simply tried to document one person’s struggle and, through the person, see into the humanity of others like her. We directly asked Ashleigh if she used drugs. She said she did not. We didn’t background check her for that. We were more interested in her perceptions of herself and her life of homelessness. Your point is well taken and hopefully you can understand what we were hoping to capture through this film. Thanks again for your thoughts.


Jody Jenkins

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