Stop raising our children to hate women

Came across the FB video and it pissed me off. Why are we teaching this to our children?

I was on Facebook and came across one woman’s Facebook video. She was saying something about, I know we women are independent these days and holding our own, but especially if you’re raising boys to be men, they need to now that the man is always the king and always the head of the family. All I could think was you are raising your boys to fear strong women and raising your daughters to be submissive to men. How can we change things and be considered equals when we teach our children these values? What are you saying? Are you saying that even if I work just as hard as my husband and we share all bills and household responsibilities equally, he is still the final decision maker? Am I still considered a second class citizen even in my own family? I cannot agree with that.

A fact I don’t understand is, many people have said they didn’t vote for Hillary because she’s a woman. In fact, many women said this. Women bring each other down more than men do and that is a sad truth. At a time in our great country, where in the state of North Carolina, a woman cannot withdraw her consent to sexual intercourse once the act is already taking place. Where laws made to oppress women are still part of our Constitution, too many women still feel comfortable leaving their fate in a man’s hands. It makes you wonder about how conditioned we have become. I remember growing up, and my mother would drill into my head that I would never get a man unless I learn how to cook and clean. Even as a child it sounded stupid to me. This practice continues today. Read my full story at