February issue “Commander’s Corner with Condoar”

No member of GNZ ever won a Battle for his Clan By dying, he won it by making the other poor bastard die for his clan. GNZ’s members are a team, He live’s, eat’s, sleep’s and fights as a Team. This individuality stuff is a bunch of Crap. We have the best spirit and the best tankers all men can wish to have, when going into battle.

Alright, you son’s of bitches I will not stand here and tell you not to have your own goals, some night’s just logging on to play is something I would also do. …But I will continue to rant on about participation, yea log on to the Clan to be a part of the Clan, a bigger part than just you or your buddy to go platoon, hey if you have to sometimes “Ok”, maybe you take a “someone” into the fold. Bring a new guy along with you’z or just roll on the Night making a small room of five or six where you all can drop together, you know It will be where everyone ends up by the end of the night and you will have brought them there, your participation…….

Practice is great BUT running together, Learning from each other and Growing your skills comes from battling tougher opponents and guess what fellow clansmen(platoon drop’s), Bingo… learn from your fellow members. We have many members that are fantastic, listen to callers strat’s, ask guy’s that you haven’t had much of a chance to platoon with, if and when they will be available to platoon or grind some xp/credits. If all this is something you practice already, help others by providing them information you feel may help them. Provide them links to the website from posts you feel are helpful to their situation. Make sure individuals know the weekly Routine, this will help gather members at the right times/night’s, this is huge, they will feel included then they will have the opportunity’s to learn or show some of their skills alongside other great players we have.

Give advice to others, remind them it’s just advice take what they want and leave the rest. Remember everyone has an opinion if you’re active you’re going to have more to say, Involvement breeds activity. Sometimes we will do lot’s wrong i.e. have a bad night, not be focusing or just lose match after match. Log off play Hello kitty big island Adventure or just take a break or maybe just change it up, play a different class tank or go down a few tier and work on that tier 3 line you said you were going to bring up to t6.

…brought them there. You know what I mean, “GAHAHAHA GAHAHA GAAHAHHAHA”



The second design to come out of the Special Vehicle Development Committee (nicknamed “The Old Gang” as it was made up of people who had worked on the original British tanks of the First World War) the TOG 2 was similar to the TOG 1 and kept many of its features. Instead of the track path arrangement of the TOG 1 which, like that of the First World War British tanks, ran up over the top of the hull and back down, the track path was lower on the return run and the doors were above the tracks. Ordered in 1940, built by Foster’s of Lincoln, the prototype ran for the first time in March 1941.

The design included a 60 pounder gun and side sponsons. Initially fitted with a mock-up turret with a dummy gun, in 1942 it was given a turret that was under development for the Cruiser Mk VIII Challenger tank design with the QF 17 pounder (76.2 mm) gun. The turret “in modified form” was used on the Challenger. The planned sponsons were never fitted.

Although equipped with the same electronic mechanical drive as originally fitted to the TOG 1, the TOG 2 used twin generators and no problems were reported. It was modified to include, among other things, a change from the unsprung tracks to a torsion bar suspension and went through successful trials in May

1943. No further development occurred, although a revised version, the TOG 2 (R) was proposed. The ‘R’ would have been 6 ft (1.8 m) shorter, used torsion bar suspension and had no sponsons.

Please Thank Patt and Look forward to other tank review’s in future articles


We don’t need more members to be members,

We would like to gain a few Good Men!!!!!

Apply to be An Officer Today

New recruits need to work towards member/senior/NCO status find a J.O. to step up to the ranks or……….

For more information log onto our personnel page @ http://gunzofanarchy.shivtr.com/forum_sections/404174 Forums »Personnel Logistics

http://gunzofanarchy.shivtr.com/members/1882332 for UlrichVonLich http://gunzofanarchy.shivtr.com/members/2366457 for JtZetchot


This notice comes out to show all members that a new training regiment is brewing, this has been talked of enough so it’s not new’s, but this is just One more change that we keep finding Ourselves in.

I have been thinking about training and the size of the clan. With GNZ and GNZx2 now approaching 200 members we should be doing training a little different. I propose we set up a drill team setup. Where we train a core of people to train the clan. This way we can have smaller training rooms and possibly offer a greater range of training times.

First we need 7 to 10 volunteers, this group will be the “drill team”. We will get together once a week for a training session and pick a topic and set a training plan and try it out. Then the DT (drill team) members will pick a time that they are able to hold am open training. I would then post a schedule. Training may fall on different times and days or concurrently with an others.

My current thinking is DT on Tuesday night after the officer meeting. Set the topic , pick the drills, set a time and place and post. I would like to keep my clan time Thurs at 9:30 the other DT will pick theirs.

We are putting together a team that will review clan needs, develop a training session, then go forth and schedule and conduct the session. I would like 10 member team to start. So volunteer up you lot or if you know someone you think would be a good trainer put there name in for them. (As for time commitment you would be looking at 2 1 1/2 hr time slots per week. One time slot would be 10pm on Tues (tentative) the other would be the time in which you would like to conduct a training room.)

Current Volunteer List:

Johann Condoar Lantern

Trainors still needed for all positions please contact Lantern direct, @ http://gunzofanarchy.shivtr.com/members/1747675

or private message in game or through Discord


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